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I was shocked when I went to pay online and found that they will only allow payments using a checking or savings account. I had counted on being able to pay using a Health Savings Account which comes with a handy debit card.

Care Credit will of course accept a debit or credit card if your account is past due, so this means that they are ABLE to use these payment methods but they are choosing not to in order to make it hard for people to stay on time and avoid the very high interest rates they charge if you are ever late on a payment.

They are really taking advantage of people in dire straits who can't afford medical treatment, and then they make it harder for them to make the payments.

Usury, and totally not spelled out when you sign up. I am so angry and think this is just like the banks charging high fees for overdrafts, it should not be allowed as it takes unfair advantage of the consumer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Credit Card.

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This is so ridiculous with care credit ... how are you supposed to pay your bill if you do not have a checking account??? I wish I would have never even used care credit now and I will let everyone know now to never use them for anything!!


I was so upset to find this out, especially as I only needed the money ONE day earlier than I had it. I'm hoping I can send a money order.

TBH if I could have a bank account at this point in my life, I probably would be able to secure a legitimate loan, as well. You know?

It's so predatory. But when your life is on the line, what else can you do?

Sanford, Florida, United States #1340151

I never release my bank information like route and acct number. this is going to be a huge problem for me. This could be a problem at the long run.

Jackson, Tennessee, United States #1232093

My HSA will let me pay myself back for charges. So I could submit a charge to my HSA and ask for reimbursement to my account rather than the provider stating that I already paid. You might want to see if your HSA has this.


This sounds like more of a problem with your HSA than a problem with Care Credit. Your HSA should have a routing number and account number associated with it.

It is a bank account, after all. Call the HSA and get that information, or order a checkbook. Your HSA should also allow you to issue payments to Care Credit directly from their website via bill pay. If not, it's time to look into a different HSA company.

You could also pay using your personal checking account and reimburse yourself from the HSA.

There are a lot of options. Don't blame the company for not wanting you to pay your loan with a credit card.

Both my wife and I have used Care Credit for dental expenses on several occasions and have had no problems.

to Rob #1192568

Even with that routing number care credit does not accept the payment. I have tried myself.

to Rob #1436952

I've done enough shady computer work to know not to trust overly-long, OP-shaming, strangely detailed responses to a post complaining about a company.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #796367

If anyone was still wondering, you can file a claim through ConnectYourCare and they will send the check to GE (Care Credit) with a few business days. I assume the reason for not allowing debit card payments is to prevent paying a loan with another credit card, as all major banks do anyway.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #723983

Doesn't your HSA have a routing number and an account number just like a checking account?

Salinas, California, United States #719372

Contact me at stuf@dr.com... We have a class action group growing

to 11j22c Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #906495

I don't have a checking or savings account t only a paycheck card and they don't do debit card. Now I have to pay with money order?

Houston, Texas, United States #688598

so how doi pay with a debit card?

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