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I've had my account with these scammers for years now. I got behind on my account because I became unemployed for awhile.

I told them before I even became unemployed that I was about to be and they wouldn't help me. After awhile they start calling me 10+ a day and I finally set up a payment plan. They take $150 a month according to the lady, so I make the first payment. The statement after that they still charge me $160 interest and add another $400 past due and a $35 late fee?

Wtf I made they payment amount they asked for.

I called and canceled the rest of the automatic payments the liar setup and no one else will help me.

They offer to settle my $8000 balance for $4500 but how the *** do they think I can make that payment when I can't make the $1200 I'm past due now? All my other credit companies lowered my interest and payments but carecredit won't help me at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

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I was almost paying my balance off when all of a sudden $300 added to my bill; do not be involved with this scam. I fell for it. Told it was a good plan by a dentist as well.


I forgot to add that there are different lengths of pay by dates depending on how much each separate charge is, the more money, the longer you have to pay.


I don't work for Care Credit but have been a customer for several years. They offer credit like many other places.

Depending on how much you charge at one place, it may be 6 months no interest as long as it is paid by the end of the 6 months. If I have large charge, chances are I end up paying interest but if I have small charges, I can usually pay it before the end of the limit. Each time you use it, each charge becomes a new months to pay loan. You may have several different pay plans, each has it's own pay by dates.

It usually pays towards the oldest charge first etc.

The interest accrues from the date of charge if it that particular charge is not paid within the time limit for that particular charge the interest is added to that charge, and only that one, if you made purchases after that those charges are each considered a separate pay before bill. You can have several different pay by charges with different due dates.


I used my care credit and was told if I make my monthly payments there will be no interest charges. I set up automatic payments and went to Afghanistan where I never bothered to check my statements because at the back of my head I was thinking I am all set up.

I just returned and and found out I have been charged $1000 interest on approximately $2000 balance which I made automatic payments for the past year. I immediately called and asked for some assistance but all I was told that is what I signed for.

In short, I used the credit card for $2000. I paid almost $75 monthly payment for more than 12 months but my statement showed I owe my a balance of $1900.


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