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OK, so last month I called in to do a payoff, I was told I wasn't qualified ( because I have never missed a payment...bad customers apparently get the good programs) to do it so I was offered a 4 year program with no interest and a payment of 100 a month. I ACCEPTED because I thought it was a great alternative to what I had.

I get my statement and it doesn't reflect any change. I called back and was transferred in a black hole of unhelpfulness. I was put on another "program" that offered a 10% APR (which is normal) for six months..( the heck is six months going to help me) I did not ask to be put on this program and it was never offered to "account manager" who said they were bringing my case to a supivisor and they would call me back put it on my account without even talking to me. I found out when I called back because I never received a call back like I was told I would.

This is a not good business practice...apparently if they take me off the program they can't put me back on and since this is the program they put me on they can't give me the one they originally offered me. So basically they *peep* *peeped* me behind my back so they didn't have to give me what they originally promised. SO corrupt. I originally began using care credit because I had upper and lower jaw surgery and needed to have some exstensive dental work after the surgery and didn't want to look like an alien because I couldn't afford the work.

I used the program and paid they payment the requested..little did I realize they weren't requesting the correct amount for a payoff and because I was a thousand dollars shy of my payoff they put over TWO THOUSAND dollars of back interest back on my loan.....:( I could cry typing that.

This has been such a horrible experience and Care Credit's lack of support or real help has only made the experience so much worse. I honestly haven't even touched base at all the trouble I have experienced with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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Care credit is a the most lame *** company I ever came across. They charged me interest rate from the start date to end date[apr end date-6 months] even though I paid almost 60% of the card.


Another alternative for health care credit is


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That is odd. When my husband was out of work they more than helped us out by postponing payments for us. We have been customers for years and have not had any issues with them.


I know of many people who are going through the same situation. There is a company that offers up to 60 months medical financing with a fixed interest rate.Here's the link:


Care Credit more than fixed the issue with me!!


I'm sorry for your experience. We'd like to assist with your concern. Please email me at with the following information:

-The full name associated with the account

-Mailing address associated with the account

-Your contact phone number

-Reference code DM060211CC

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email



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