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I recently opened an account with Care Credit. I made my first payment on 4-20-12 (100 on a minimum of 64 dollars), my payment was due on 4-27-12.

I made my second payment on 5-4-2012 (100 on a minimum payment of 64 dollars). I was told by Care Credit that because I made my payment on 5-4-2012 instead of 5-5-2012 that my 100 dollar payment was applied to my April billing cycle and there fore I still owe them another 64 dollars for my May payment. I have read the many, many customer complaints about this company. My suggestion is make sure you pay within each billing cycle and for godsake make sure you document each and every payment or interaction with this company.

I think this is an unethical practice but that is how they are able to get you for an unpaid payment.

Sneaky and underhanded but it is apparently the way they do business. So its all good, just know who you are dealing with.

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Wilmington, Delaware, United States #718783

I paid for my eye surgery with care credit. I spent almost $4000 dollars on the surgery.

They said it was interest free for two years. My interest free promo rate was over 9/17/13. I paid off all $4000 by 9/16/13. I was in the clear.

I now owe them nothing!

I get an email from them the next day saying I owe them $1880 dollars in interest because the promotion is over. That's what they mean by interest free?

to yaknotnud North Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #719024

If you have proof you paid them on the 16th, you owe them nothing!


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