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Care credit I am throughly upset with you. I walked into my oral surgeon office struggling in pain from a severe tooth ache, and i was offered Care Credit from office people.

18 months of no interest offered, and i got your credit approved. My name b the way is Jovita Decarlucci ( jodecarlucci@yahoo) last 4 dgits of ss#1114. I payed you every month on time.never missed a payment,I also was going through a hard year, I lost my job with TWC, right after i had the surgery on my paradonal problem. I was paying you from unemployment,and child support, than i lost the child support, because my Xhusband was put in jail in Pa.

So unfortunate again I lost the child support money. so i continued to pay you eac month as hard as it was for me a single mom. Every month I kept wondering 1. Why the amount I was paying was smaller each month.2.

where could I find on your website, when I payed you, would it tell me the interest amount,what the amount would be, and when would interest date begin. I never new. Than on a SUNDAY which is not a work day you add all this interest on too my account!! I am right back to where I started when I got my first bill.

My goodness!!!!!! I feel these lower each month payments was sneaky way of handling bussiness, an not showing interest amounts Maybe an alert of a date that interest would begin. So how am I possibly going to pay this. You added it back on my account on a Sunday Oct, 13.

plse call me an make an arragement that could help me out with this outstanding amt. Please help me . Don ruin my credit at age 57, I worked alot of years for it. I got 1 toothache in 30 years, and payed you on time, and then i was unfortunate to lose my job.

Help. I was even goig to get Lazek surgery for my stygmatism in my left eye nex an use Care credit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

Monetary Loss: $698.

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I had same problem. this company is a scam.

I made all my payments on time also and then suddenly they demanded the full amount or I would owe an exorbitant amount of interest. I did not have the full amount so now they just get the 25 dollars a month till it is paid off.

Sae thing happened to someone else I know who went and got a personal loan from a bank to pay them off because the bank's interst rate was much lower. :(

Naples, Florida, United States #731279

It is not illegal for interest to apply to an account on a Sunday. The interest will be rebated if you pay the account off early. READ your loan papers BEFORE you accept them.

to LadyScot #736028

it may not be illegal but it is deceptive and unethical


The paperwork sent to you upon approval is very clear as to when and how much int will kick in. We cant go through life blaming innocent companies for all problems. You have made the error not them, right?

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